Help - I have no idea what to take to the hospital when I give birth

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Ready to give birth and have no idea what you need to pack?

My name is Rachel and I am a busy Mum of 2 , a wife and owner of baby and children's store Ruby Kids. If you know me, you will know that I am a list writer. For those of you who aren't or are stuck for ideas, I have decided to share my hospital birth experiences with you and my checklists of what to pack. I packed a separate bag for Myself and also one for Bubs just to make it easier to find things.

I always tend to pack extra so I have backup and I like to know that I am prepared with everything I could possibly need which is why I have included some items your local hospital or birthing center may supply for you. Make sure you check in advance what they supply. Often the maternity pads supplied are just budget ones which are quite thick. I liked to use my own and next time I will definitely invest in a few reusable pads or pairs of maternity underwear.  

With both of my pregnancies I developed Gestationally diabetes so was classed as high risk and I was required to be in hospital and hooked up to machines throughout my whole birth. Both of my births ended in emergency C-Sections so I was in hospital for longer than expected. Because of this I would suggest to pack enough clothes for 3 to 4 days just incase, and let your partner or someone who can help you know where any extra suitable clothes are at home just in case you are away from home longer than planned.  Loose underwear is a godsend after a C-Section. Make sure you have a stock of cheap loose fitting underwear that wont be tight around a C-Section wound or cramping uterus. I got a pack of cheapies from K-Mart just for my hospital bag. Pack loose, breastfeeding friendly clothing that is easy to get on and off and also pack a mix of both warm and cool clothes. After my C-Section I was freezing and needed my dressing gown or a jumper on but then within a few hours of the anesthetic wearing off, I was sweating and requesting a fan for my room, so don’t go by the weather outside. 

Since giving birth I have discovered some beautiful after birth healing products by New Zealand company Viva La Vulva which I wish I had access to at my births and have included these in my list. The Viva la Vulva after birth healing spray is for spraying “down there” after birth , but can be used if you have a c-section too! 

Another important thing to think about is how you are going to feed your baby. A breastfeeding pillow is quite helpful and breastfeeding friendly clothing as well as a pump if you think you may like to try to collect milk. 

Breastfeeding is the best option but for many different reasons you may choose not to or not be able to and need to be prepared in this case. Because I am an ultra-prepared packer , I went in with a breast pump, bottles and sterilising equipment just in case. This paid off during my first birth as my first child decided she didn’t want to latch and ended up being bottle fed my breast milk. We tried for days and days using tube feeding, feeding her with a spoon and bottle feeding. With lots of tears and not much luck with her latch I was glad I had bought another option with me so I could make the decision myself when it was time to just get her fed. I had a breast pump with me and was able to express some milk to be fed to her in a bottle.

Every pregnancy is so different and every baby is so different. My second birth was also a C-section but this little girl latched on straight away and was drinking like a pro so the bottle was not used. I knew my body by now and what I could do and used my manual breast pump to relieve some of the pressure after my milk came in.

If you would like any more information about breastfeeding please speak with your midwife or a lactation consultant. This information is only from my own personal experience And I like to be prepared for all options it is absolutely not necessary that you take pumps and bottles if you do not want to use them. 

Here is my hospital list for Mum :

Hospital Checklist for Mum


For baby:

Again, pack extra just incase. Remember that your baby has been all snug and warm in your uterus and it’s cold out in the real world, especially in a temperature controlled hospital. Pack a few little hats and some warm clothes as well as your own swaddles or special blanket.

Check if your hospital supplies nappies and wipes and pack some of your own if you would like to use a specific brand. You will have to take bubs out of the hospital in their car seat so make sure you have it prepared and know how to use it. The nurse will make sure you have buckled bubs in safety before you can go home 🏡 

Here is my hospital list for baby: 

Hospital Checklist for Baby


I hope this helps you pack your own bags ready for the birth of your beautiful baby. If you have any feedback or other essential items you think should be added to my list please let me know. I would love to hear from you. 
Best wishes for the safe arrival of your little one!

Rachel xx 💋 

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