Essential oil blend - Aroma-Snooze 15ml

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Essential oil blend - Aroma-Snooze 15ml

Premium grade, 100% Pure & certified organic essential oils by Lively Living to enhance your life and wellbeing. Ideal for use in a vaporiser such as the Aroma-Snooze sleep-aid. Simply add  2-5 drops into your vaporiser to create a ideal calming environment . The Aroma-Snooze blend of 7 essential oils is calming , relaxing and helps promote sleep and wellbeing. 

Organic Sweet Orange
(Citrus Sinensis Oil)

A sweet smelling oil, that children love, is comforting, calming and uplifting

Organic Lavender
(Lavandula Augustifolia Oil)

Calms a racing mind, helps to settle, assists sleep. 

Organic Geranium
(Pelaragonium Graveolens Oil)

Is calming and uplifting and assists recovering from feelings of anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Organic Palmarosa
(Cymbopogon Martini Oil)

Palmarosa assists relieving stress, anxiety, and nervous exhaustion.

Organic Bergamot
(Citrus Aurantium Var. Bergamia Oil)

Known for its calming effect on anxiety

Organic Cedarwood
(Cedrus Atlantica Oil)

Cedarwood is known to be a grounding essential oil and  promotes feelings of vitality and wellness

Organic Australian Sandalwood
(Santalum Spicatum Oil)

Sandalwood is known for its grounding properties, it improves calmness and clears the mind. It is comforting and supports sleep.

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